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Adidas Ace Trans FS Pro

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Adidas Fingersave gloves are the best selling finger protection glove for a reason. Great balance of price and quality; grip and durability; as well as support and flexibility. 


Adidas EVO Zone Tech latex for best catching grip and control. Specifically engineered areas on the glove. Two latex foams engineered together, providing seamless transition and one homogenous palm. Blue and White palm.  Best grip in the Adidas range.

Finger Protection

4 Adidas Fingersave spines for protection and flexibility.  The FS is comfortable protection when bending your fingers or making a fist.


A full neoprene backhand for comfort and feel. The backhand also features a rubberized punching zone to help protect the goalkeeper's knuckles when punching the ball. Backhand colors are blue, white, and black.


The Contact Maximizer is used in the Adidas Fingersave and Ultimate goalkeeper gloves. This technology allows for the largest surface area and maximum amount of ball to latex contact whenever the keeper catches the ball. Resembles a roll finger cut at the extreme tips since they are stitched up to the backhand.


Close fitting neoprene bandage, with revolutionary fit that offers excellent comfort and support. Pull loop to help pull the other glove on. The wrist strap features a stretch strap for individual fit.  Customize the adidas fingersave goalie glove for a tighter fit or more wrist support.


Advanced or professional level game glove for goalkeepers needing finger protection. The adidas FS is used by college, high school, and club goalkeepers that want a top end glove but have a budget around 100.00.


All weather latex that performs best when kept damp. The adidas Evo Tech Latex offers the best grip and good durability at the highest end of the range.

Additional Information

Adidas updated the sizing of the Ace Trans FS Pro.  Fits true in length. Wider fit throughout the width but not sloppy. Comfortable and does adhere to your hand nicley once worn a few times.

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