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Elite Sport Calaca

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Goalkeeper Gloves
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The unique Elite Sport goalie glove features 5 finger removable protection and a Calaca themed backhand. The Calaca (a colloquial Mexican spanish name for skeleton) is a figure of a skull or skeleton commonly used for decoration during the Mexican Day of the Dead festival. 


4mm of Elite Control SBB latex and 4mm of backing foam for comfort. A great balance of grip and durability from the blackout latex

Finger Protection

5 finger removable support system. The finger protection is removable through backhand to customize or replace fingers as well as the thumb.


4mm PS latex plus 4mm backing foam and Hi-Tech fabric for Air Ventilation Management (AVM). The amazing Calaca design is extremely eye ctaching and very unique!


Elite's NRoll cut with a double wrap thumb. The pinky, index and thumb feature a roll cut. The middle and ring fingers have a flat cut with rolled finger tips. One of our favorite cuts of glove.


10cm wide elastic wristband and 360 degree, 9cm wide latex wrist strap for perfect fit and comfort


High School or Premier Level game or practice glove


This latex performs well in all weather

Additional Information

Limited Edition! This is an exclusive release that will only be availbale through a few retailers. Don't miss out and grab yours today! This glove comes with a matching Calaca keyring!

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