Diving comes naturally to most young athletes.  I recorded a youth goalkeeper training session with U8 - U10 goalkeepers.  Such as session could be conducted with a recreational or travel team to identify goalkeepers for the rotation. The diving session addresses handling and diving in a fun way which provides the goalkeeper with techniques to keep the ball out of the back of the net as well as protect.  

The session starts of from the butt, moves to the knees, and then to the feet.  This helps a young goalkeeper to overcome any fears of diving and learn how to fall properly while protecting the goal. The ball starts in the hands of the goalkeeper; progresses to predictable services to the same side or alternating sides; followed by services to either side. The idea with the progressions moving from simple to more complex; slow to faster; and from predictable to less predictable is build the confidence of the goalkeeper and through repetition commit the diving technique to cellular memory.  If a goalkeeper practices a technique enough your muscles will remember the movement thus respond appropriately and quicker.

Keeperstop Goalkeeper TV - Video