Protect Your Goalkeeper and Investment in Goalkeeper Training:  What To Bring To Goalkeeper Camp.

Tis the season.  Goalkeepers have their summer camps and clinic schedule planned. Now it is time to think about what to bring. The obvious choices are the goalkeeper shirts, athletic shorts, T-shirts, 2 pairs of cleats, running shoes, the drum of sunscreen, and the favorite pair of summer sandals for after training.  As a goalkeeper and director of goalkeeper camps this is my list of essential, often neglected, goalkeeper gear to protect the goalkeeper from the nagging bumps and bruises that could sideline a goalkeeper during camp week.

Every goalkeeper needs at least two pairs of gloves.  An overnight goalkeeper camp is 6-8 hours of training per day or 3 sessions.  That is a lot of goalkeeping; sweat and dirty; and wear and tear.  Having two pair would give the goalkeeper a back up pair as well as the ability to rotate gloves.  It will be important to rinse and wash the gloves at least once during the week to get the sweat and dirt out.  The bacteria in the sweat and dirt will breakdown the latex, make the gloves smell, and make the grip less effective.  The goalkeeper gloves that you bring to camp don’t have high end game quality.  There are plenty of options at 50.00 – 60.00 that will have a good balance of grip and durability.  If you are going to a college ID camp you may want to bring your A game and favorite pair of gloves.

More durable well priced suggestions:

Reusch Serathor Prime Goalkeeper Glove

Uhlsport Eliminator Supersoft

One Glove Geo Zeus Granite Goalkeeper Glove

One Glove Geo Argentum Goalkeeper Glove

Elite Sport Real Goalkeepr Glove

Tuto Tenaci RF Goalkeeper Glove

***Finger Support***

Reusch Serathor Prime R2 Ortho Tec Goalkeeper Glove

Reusch Serathor Prime S1 Finger Support Junior Goalkeeper Glove

One Glove Invictus Stealth Goalkeeper Jersey Goalkeeper Glove

One Glove Invictus Ice Carbon Goalkeeper Glove

Elite Sport Coraza Goalkeeper Glove

Elite Sport Armour Goalkeeper Glove


Here are some options for goalkeeper jerseys.

Hummel Classic Goalkeeper Jersey

Storelli Exoshield Gladiator Goalkeeper Jersey

There are so many choices depending the goalkeeper’s size, playing surface, and budget.  Goalkeepers and parents are encouraged to email or call,, for suggestions.

Protect the hips.  I concentrate more on the hips since they seem to take a beating during training. Each day of camp a goalkeeper will dive and land on a hip a 100 times or more especially on days when coaches work on extension dives.  Goalkeepers that sustain a hip pointer or bruising wont dive and try anything not to land on the sore area.  This could lead to bad habits or have a goalkeeper miss sessions.  Hip padding may look a little bulky or make a goalkeeper sweat more in the mid section but they will save your week and you from injury.  Compressions shorts in my mind are just as necessary as gloves and cleats.


Storelli BodyShield Goalkeeper Undershort

Storelli Bodyshield Field Player Undershort

Some training days goalkeepers don’t need or want a thicker protective hip padding. Goalkeeper may choose a ¾ goalkeeper pant for breakaway sessions when sliding on soft grass or well-padded turf.  ¾ goalkeeper pant have a low density or thinner foam in the hips and or the knees.  A Polyester or a blend of Polyester is what protects the keeper’s knees, legs, and hips from abrasions from the harsh scratchy surface.   Depending on the session or conditions goalkeeper will definitely switch between padded compression shorts and ¾ pants.  Without proper protection and covering a goalkeeper will develop scraps, raspberries, and cuts that bleed and ooze for the remainder of the week.


Storelli BodyShield 3/4 Goalkeeper Pants

Reusch Alex Breezer 3/4 Pant

Adidas Tierro 3/5 Goalkeeper Pant

The summer camp and training months can be hot.  Goalkeepers will try to stay as comfortable and light as possible by wearing short sleeves during training.  I wear and suggest wearing leg pads or elbow sleeves during training to prevent scraps and injury caused by repeated diving or sliding.  Drinking plenty of water before, during, and after training as well as wearing loose lighter weight material will help goalkeepers manage the heat.

Suggestions for swelling or bruising:

Storelli Bodyshield Arm Guard

Storelli Bodyshield Leg Guard

Socks, Socks, and more socks.  There is nothing more uncomfortable than putting on dirty wet socks. Drying them out on a fan between sessions may help if they are wet.  Now you are wearing crusty dirty bacteria laden. Bacteria can cause and spread foot fungi.  Professional goalkeepers often pull their socks up as high as possible and over the knees to protect the side of the lower leg and knees.  Goalkeepers attending camps should do the same to prevent scraping of the leg and outside of the knee with repeated diving.  Teach your goalkeeper to do a load of wash. Send them away with quarters and detergent.  At least one wash during the week will keep the clean goalkeeper coming and stave off mildew and the horrid smell parents experience during pick up.


Reusch Long Goalkeeper Sock

Adidas Socks

The additional goalkeeper gloves, padded compression shorts, ¾ goalkeeper pants, and socks will keep your goalkeeper out of the athletic trainers tent and on the field training. If you have any specific needs or questions please contact Christian or Ryan at  They have been campers and directors of goalkeeper camps and understand what it takes to train and play hard.