Crosses and corner kicks are considered "high concentration" situations for a keeper and his/her defense.  Obviously, the keeper must focus on the ball as the service is taken so that he/she can properly judge the flight of the ball to handle the situation.

What should a keeper do to help keep his/her defense organized and concentrating during these situations?

Preventing the cross by the defender ("No Service!"). ORGANIZE YOUR DEFENSE THROUGH COMMUNICATION!!! 

Your defense should be man - marking when their opponent is within the 18 yard box; and following is the correct position for the defender:

  • defenders should be goal-side of their mark.
  • defenders should be ball-side of their mark
  • defenders should touch their mark

When a crossing or corner kick situation occurs, the keeper should steal a quick look at his/her defense to observe any dangerous situations that may occur in marking.  Then, as the keeper turns his/her focus to the ball, communication should begin loud and clear instructing the defense to stay goal-side, ball-side and touch your mark UNTIL the ball is either in the keeper’s hands or the ball is out of harms way.  Too many times a defender will lose his/her mark after the ball has been touched by a player in the box but it has not been cleared out of danger.
Always keep reminding your defense to stay goal-side, ball-side and touch their mark and the possibility of needless goals may diminish.

 Thanks,  Paul

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