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Impact Sportswear IS4 Weighted Vest

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Goalkeeper training tool to develop faster footwork and more explosiveness in goalie drills. Keeperstop utilizes it during footwork, handling, diving, and crossing sessions.


To ensure they used the best possible fabric for the IS4 Vest, IS looked at hundreds of different options from all over the world. They chose an American company that uses a technologically advanced process which makes their fabric blend high performance with durability. The fabric itself incorporates patented moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties for your comfort.
The IS4 vest “is 4” athletes who want to improve their speed, agility, stamina and strength. The innovative technology uses resilient cooling gel packets as weight, allowing the user to have all the flexibility and comfort of gel, while still maintaining the toughness needed for sports that include contact play. For further cooling power, the cooling gel packets can be chilled for those days of intense training.


IS worked closely with their gel manufacturer to create a product that would have weight, functionality and flexibility. Utilizing their advanced cooling technology, the gel can also be chilled by simply placing the gel in the freezer for two hours, leaving you with a cooling vest that will still remain flexible. Professional Goalkeepers like Joe Nasco (images) use the IS4 weighted vest because it is the best weighted vest on the market, designed especially for the challenges Goalkeepers face. Impact Sportswear owner said; "I've been playing in Goal for over 35 years, and during my younger years, there were very few pieces of training equipment for goalkeepers.  What we did have were crude weight vests: however, these contained sand, which hurt every time I dived or I was hit by the ball. This inspired me to create the IS4 vest, which is specifically designed to be soft enough to absorb a hit, strong enough to not stretch or tear, and comfortable enough to not restrict my ability to practice well as a Goalkeeper.  This is a weighted vest by Goalkeepers, for Goalkeepers."

Collar and Cuff

The Impact Sportswear vest design team took two years to create and perfect the IS4 vest, the best in weighted vest technology. Through a series of different designs, rigorous testing and collaboration between their designers, Athletic experts, and Sports Science Professors, the IS4 vest was born. It is the best of all worlds in weighted sport vest technology: durable material, strong gel-based weights, and the ability to be used as a cooling vest.  Now that's cool technology!

Small - 4'11 - 5'2
Medium - 5'3 - 5'7
Large - 5'8 - 5'11
Extra Large - 6 foot +





Recent Reviews
Impact Sportswear IS4 Weighted Vest 5 out of 5 based on 2 rating(s). 2 user review(s).
Impact Sportswear IS4 Weighted Vest
5 out of 5
By Shannan on September 2018

Stellar customer service! Was quick & efficient to respond to a question and help us get the product quickly. Vest is well made.

Impact Sportswear IS4 Weighted Vest
5 out of 5
By Anthony on August 2018

As described . Well made . Great service