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Reusch Fit Control Deluxe G3 Fusion Evolution Ortho-Tec

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German manufactured all weather G3 Fusion with an oustanding balance of grip and durability at the game level. Protective and flexible fingersaves in the fingers and thumb.  New from Reusch Goalkeeping for the 2018 Holiday season.


Reusch German manufactured and engineered G3 FUSION all weather latex is the best balance of grip, durability, and cushioning for advanced male and female goalkeepers. The Fit Control Deluxe features the new latex mixture including special adhesive additives equipped with the best grip properties for Reusch to date. Great abrasion resistance increasing the durability in game environments.  Turf is the devil for goalie gloves but G3 Fusion performs better on hard ground than other soft game latex.  Increased wet weather performance than the G2 latex. The extremely tacky G3 Ultra Soft foam is fused with speckled latex injections to boost the palm’s all-round performance: highly resistant black Solid latex dots noticeably increase the durability. Blue Aqua latex dots with the innovative Hydrograin™ technology to push the grip in rainy conditions. G3 Ultra Soft: 100% grip! By completely refining the G2 latex mixture and adding special adhesive additives, Reusch created an extremely soft and tacky palm foam that provides best grip for the most professional demands. The Fusion™ technology allowed Reusch to inject different latex types directly into the base latex. As a result, this innovative palm foam combines the grip properties of the G3 with the wet-weather performance of our Aqua foams and the durability of our Solid foams.  Duraguard patch on the lower palm offers extra abrasion resistance. Thumb Notch to aid with flexibility in between thumb and pointer finger. Digest and keeperstop with questions :)  We have used and tested it and it works.

Finger Protection

Patented 5 finger removable protection. Reusch's removable, free-floating Ortho-Tec stay system anchors the individual finger spines at the extreme end of the fingers and thumbs; thus allowing unsurpassed flexibility and customization in the glove. This finger protection glove offers the best protection and security for goalkeepers. One of the best finger save options for your advanced goalkeeper. Lower priced new gloves cannot compete with the protection offered by the Reusch Ortho Tec system. Reusch is without a doubt a leader in goalkeeper fingersave technology and innovation. 


Pro Latex foam all over. Embossed foam design makes the glove more flexible at many breakpoints. Reusch's revolutionary Pro Flex technology offers excellent flexibility that improves the glove fit and performance. Reusch have combined specific stretch materials and applied their expert knowledge of soccer and glove technology to invent the best backhand flexibility and fit on the glove market. The backhand material is crucial to provide a true fit and more flexibility with the finger protection. Reusch's AirVentSystem uses highly breathable Air Mesh material to make this glove more comfortable, which is great for soccer goalie's playing in hot or humid climates. New geometric desing with vibrant fluorescent yellow and blues.  Striking looking glove.


Reusch's revolutionary hybrid roll finger cut offers the best of both worlds to produce the unique Evolution Ergonomic Support System ESS cut for male and female goalkeepers with long fingers and narrow palm. Or for goalkeepers that like a snug fit with more latex to ball contact than a negative cut. The roll finger tips offer more latex to ball contact while along the fingers the tighter fit offers a custom feel.  The Evolution Rolled Expanse Cut ESS uses a pattern that helps the fingers to be pre splayed and in a better catch ready position.  Backhand Side Wrap that wraps the backhand material around the side of the hand.  This brings extra material in and provides more abrasion resistance on the palm side.


Advanced performance for goalkeepers that are playing at academy, premiere, college, or professional levels.  Male and female goalkeepers will enjoy the Reusch Evolution Cut


The long elasticated cuff opening and closure features extended wrist area made of breathable mesh for comfort during play. Pull Loop is a great feature to help pull the glove on and off with ease.


All weather game performance. Increased grip and durability.

Additional Information

Available in sizes 7 8 9 10 11 12.  Call with any Reusch goalkeeper glove sizing questions.

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