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Reusch Prisma Prime S1 Finger Support Junior

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Goalkeeper Gloves
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Looking for one of the best junior goalie gloves on the market with finger protection? Look no further than the Reusch Prisma Prime S1 Finger Support Junior. This gloves features the grippy and durable S1 latex as well as the flexible and protective finger support system in the backhand. This will give your youth goalkeeper the grip and performance they need and peace of mind for every goalkeeper parent out there. 


Reusch's S1 Super Soft Grip foam, in Safety Yellow, is a high quality palm made of all natural latex making this one of the best gripping soccer goalie gloves on the market. It offers excellent gripping properties whilst still maintaining durability, which is very important for goalkeepers.

Finger Protection

Reusch Finger Support stays are flexible finger protectors that span the length of the fingers and thumb to prevent hyperextension. They are not as rigid as the Ortho-Tec system. The finger spine stays are perfect for the youth goalkeeper who wants some protection but still have the flexibility to make a fist for punching shots and crosses.


Super Soft latex backing material. Embossed foam design makes the glove more flexible at many breakpoints. Reusch's AirVentSystem uses highly breathable Air Mesh material to make the glove more comfortable for the junior goalie. 


Reusch's Expanse Cut ESS (Ergonomic Support System) uses a pattern that helps the fingers to be pre splayed, which helps youth goalkeepers catch the ball using the correct technique. This glove also features Reusch's Thumbflex technology for extra comfort and support.


Full strap wrist bandage closure with super softi latex strap for wrist stability. 


Youth goalie glove for all junior goalkeepers.


The S1 latex is a great all round latex and will perform well in dry and wet conditions.

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Available in junior sizes 5, 6, 7 and 8

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