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Reusch Prisma Pro G3 Duo Black Hole

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Goalkeeper Gloves
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The Reusch Prisma Pro G3 Duo Black Hole goalie glove is a special release to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Reush Duo latex release. The glove has a full latex backhand stitched onto a one piece breathable glove body. Small numbers of this glove are available so grab a pair before they're gone!


Duo is a Reusch-exclusive technology and unique on the goalkeeper glove market. Based on a wave-formed latex layer on the inside of the palm foam, the Duo technology provides maximum absorption and a unique hand-glove-ball contact for the most direct ball feeling possible. Merged with the highly performing G3 latex, this tacky foam construction guarantees maximum grip and in all weather conditions, outstanding cushioning and best ball control.

Finger Protection



Reusch's Black Hole design with Pro Latex foam all over. Embossed foam design makes the glove more flexible at many breakpoints. Reusch's revolutionary Pro Flex technology offers excellent flexibility that improves the glove fit and performance. Reusch have combined specific stretch materials and applied their expert knowledge of soccer and glove technology to invent the best backhand flexibility and fit on the glove market. Reusch's AirVentSystem uses highly breathable Air Mesh material to make this glove more comfortable, which is great for soccer goalie's playing in hot or humid climates.  Very light weight and comfortable.  Side mesh vents allow this glove to keep cooler during match play. 


With its Rolled Expanse Cut ESS the Prisma Blackhole features the classic Reusch flat cut that is being used by the majority of the 220 + professional Reusch keepers worldwide.


Mesh material on the cuff and the gussets forming the AirVentSystem keeps the glove perfectly ventilated. Additionally the glove features the innovative Asymmetric Slip-On Cuff, including full strap and textile window. This makes the glove extremely easy to pull on and off.


Professional level game glove. These gloves are perfect for any keeper wanting to get a better feel of the ball, thanks to the Duo latex. 


The G3 latex performs well in all weather conditions

Additional Information

Limited release available in sizes 7 through 11. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Reusch Duo latex release. 

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