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Reusch Pure Contact Freccia G3 Goalkeeper Glove

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Goalkeeper Gloves
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The Reusch Pure Contact Freccia G3 goalkeeper glove features a new tighter cut for the goalie who prefers a snug fit. The exceptional G3 latex offers supreme grip and good durability straight out of the bag. The classic Reusch Arrow is reintroduced on this awesome looking glove. 


Reusch Prisma features the NEW G3 Ultrasoft foam which provides a little more grip than the Serathor G2 model.  The vibrant yellow palm is sure to draw the shooters eye! Best and purest grip in the Reusch goalkeeper glove range. The German engineered and manufactured G3 Ultrasoft foam is soft and tacky to the touch providing a good balance of grip, integrity, and cushioning in all weather game environments. The 3-D Thumb Crotch rolled construction between the thumb and the index finger eliminates any seams that can bother the keeper in an area that takes a lot of stress.The deep thumb notch on the face of the glove includes an elasticized piece below the foam to help eliminate tear out.  The elasticized thread throughout the glove provides more strength throughout the seams of the glove.

Finger Protection

No finger protection


One piece FreeFlex backhand of breathable Neoprene for more flexibility and ball control. The one piece system extends through to the wrist area to complete the exceptional comfort and feel


Evolution Negative Cut - Negative latex gussetts with roll finger tips.  A truly remarkable fitting glove. The one piece glove body and negative cut make this one of the best fitting goalkeeper gloves available.


Asymmetric slip-on cuff with integrated half stretch strap. Very easy to get on and off.


This is a top of the line game glove for advanced goalkeepers


The G3 latex performs well in all weather. We recommend you keep the latex slightly damp in dry conditions

Additional Information

Available in sizes 7 though 11 and featuring the classic Reusch Arrow on the backhand. One of the best looking gloves of 2018.

Recent Reviews
Reusch Pure Contact Freccia G3 Goalkeeper Glove 4 out of 5 based on 4 rating(s). 4 user review(s).
Reusch Pure Contact Freccia G3 Goalkeeper Glove
5 out of 5
By Jason on November 2018

Love the love profile and tight fit. The grip is nothing short of great quality. Another exceptional G3 glove.

Reusch Pure Contact Freccia G3 Goalkeeper Glove
4 out of 5
By Joey on October 2018

This glove is a very good comfortable goalie glove with very good latex on the palm I have had my glove for like 2 weeks and they still look brand new. I totally would recommend this glove to any goalkeeper

Reusch Pure Contact Freccia G3 Goalkeeper Glove
5 out of 5
By Jodie on September 2018

My son loves these gloves! Earned him 35 saves in last nights game! He lives the fit and the extra length from the wrist down. Feels they have better grip.

Reusch Pure Contact Freccia G3 Goalkeeper Glove
4 out of 5
By Patrick on September 2018

I just played my first match in these gloves today. They performed well. The fit was true to size for me. I love the second skin feel. Very light weight. The backhand is very breathable, which I like because my hands tend to get sweaty. There's not much protection offered by the backhand, but the yellow and white designs offer some grip for punches. The only thing negative to say so far is lack of wrist support. The wrist wrap only goes about halfway around so I expected that. But I did take one bullet off a shot that bent my wrist back more than it would have with a 360° wrap or double wrap. I must tape up next week. Overall great glove though!