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Storelli ExoShield Gladiator Pro 2

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Goalkeeper Gloves
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Storelli have released the latest version of the extremely popular Gladiator Pro goalie glove. The combination of stealthy looks, excellent grip, comfort from the negative cut and sturdy protection in the backhand made this one of the best sellers in 2016 and 2017.


3.5mm German Super Soft latex + 3mm of impact absorbing foam for superb comfort and protection. Featured palm embossing at vital flex zones on the hand to prevent the latex bunching when making a fist.

Finger Protection

This Storelli goalkeeper glove features removable finger and thumb protection. The spines are anchored in place by 2 velcro fasteners to keep the spines securely in place. The spines can be accessed through a zipper pocket on the backhand.


The backhand is fully made in 3.5mm German latex and includes polybutylene punch zones. Breathable mesh keeps you cool even when the game is heating up. 


Negative cut embossed palm with roll-thumbs. Vented side gussets for breathability between the fingers.


Full latex wrist wrap with a double velcro touch-point maximizes the comfort and fit.


This Storelli glove is a professional level game glove for goalkeepers playing at a high level


The German latex performs well in all conditions when kept slightly damp.

Additional Information

This Storelli Goalie Glove is offered in sizes 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. The gloves come with a Storelli glove case that doubles as breathable storage and a glove carrier for games and practice.

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