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Storelli SpeedGrip Insoles

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Goalkeepers will have more control and faster feet with the Storelli SpeedGrip Insole.  The soccer insoles prevent foot slippage inside of the cleat, each time the goalkeper changes direction, cut, or pushes off for a dive. 


The Storelli SpeedGrip Insole comes in 3 size. Small, Medium and Large. For both male and female goalkeepers. Each size has it's own men's adult foot size range:

Small: Size 4 - 6
Medium: Size 7 - 10
Large: Size 11 - 14

The SpeedGrip Insole is designed to be customizable so you get a perfect fit, no matter the size and shape of your foot. The customizing takes a few minutes of trimming with a pair of scissors. Resizing instructions can be found on the back of each box that houses your insoles.



SpeedGrip Insole technology provides superior insole traction and prevents foot slipping inside your cleats. The insole is lightweight, anti-microbial and is designed to fit all cleats. It features a shaped heel cup to provide extra support and comfort. The heel cup uses a heel tab to lock the foot in place, eliminating heel lift.  The difference between TruSox and the SpeedGrip Insoles is the insole is part of the shoe making the shoe more stable and provides better contact for your foot with the cleat..  With Trusox your foot can still slip around inside the cleat.


These insoles are great for keepers of all ages and abilities. We have all had foot slippage whilst playing in goal, knowing that it can be the difference between a save and a goal. Wasted energy spent on the slip, makes us less efficient in the goal. These insoles are designed to replace your current soccer cleat insole, to provide you with superior comfort and grip. Give them a try and let us know what you think!  We have used them and can feel the benefit. Our field players to goalkeepers use them and say they feel the difference.  

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