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The One Glove Invictus Stealth+ Goalkeeper Glove

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Goalkeeper Gloves
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New and improved 4mm Quartz+ latex palm. The latex has been laced with Quartz fragments to improve durability without sacrificing grip. A wonderful balance of both!

Finger Protection

Yes, 5 finger removable finger spines. The velcro closure keeps the spines secure when in use, but also makes it a breeze to remove them if the goalkeeper so wishes


Full latex backhand, in the Stealth Black colorway, with mesh inserts for breathability. The backhand also features additional latex impact sacks that aid the goalkeeper when punching and with shock absorption. Inside the glove, there is a highly comfortable neoprene mesh.


Cresco Hybrid cut. This is a stitch-less expanded roll finger hybrid cut. The aggressive angles, design and high gloss detailing slot together sublimely to produce an incredible looking glove inspired by the famous B2 stealth bomber. The glove also features a v-notch insert between the thumb and index finger to prevent tear out in that area.


Elasticated double wrap stretch strap for superb comfort and custom fit. The full cotton wrist band makes the glove comfortable to get on and off.


All goalkeepers looking for an excellent balance of grip and durability. These gloves are superb for goalkeepers who play on turf regularly. They give you a game gripping latex with much better durability than a regular super soft latex.


All weather latex that performs best when kept damp

Additional Information

Color: Stealth Black

Invictus; latin for unconquerable, invincible.
Keeperstop is the sole U.S. distributor of The One Glove range based in the UK. 


Recent Reviews
The One Glove Invictus Stealth+ Goalkeeper Glove 4 out of 5 based on 14 rating(s). 14 user review(s).
4 out of 5
By James on June 2018

Good durability, good grip, but the fit is a little uncomfortable

4 out of 5
By Diego on May 2018

I liked these gloves they are very comfortable and they are secure when im using them

5 out of 5
By Steve on January 2018

My son (10) has had these gloves for 2 weeks, so these are first impressions and do not address long-term durability. He likes the feel on his hands, full wrist wraps, finger (and thumb) savers that are removable, and the grip is good (it feels a bit less sticky than some, but they function just as good he says). The name is a bit over-the-top, but sounds cool, I suppose. Compared to the Adidas (don't know model, but they were size 8 kids, with finger savers for about $40) they are, he says, "way better".

5 out of 5
By Ana on October 2017

Very friendly. shipped quickly and staff was great.

5 out of 5
By Robert on October 2017

My son is ecstatic. The gloves were easy to break in. They have held up well to practices, games and tournaments.

5 out of 5
By Erik on September 2017

First pair of glove like this that I've owned but they fit great they're strong and they hold up well in the weather. Definitely a great purchase in my book

5 out of 5
By Jason on May 2017

Quick and easy delivery. Would purchase and recommend again.

5 out of 5
By Jason on April 2017

I purchased these gloves for my 8 yr old after doing much research. The gloves were very stiff and difficult for my son to manipulate until we took the finger spines out. Once those were removed the gloves fit perfectly and were easily maneuvered by my son. At this point, he almost won't take them off...he loves them. They are extremely protective and very supportive of his hands. They snatch the ball with ease with their amazing grip. The 4mm of rubber provide enormous cushion. We have not experienced the durability yet, but thus far, these gloves are a 5 out of 5.

4 out of 5
By Dave on April 2017

I play in a co-ed rec league and we play once a week on a turf field. I took a chance on these because of the value. For around $60, you get the features often found in $100+ gloves. I bought them in February 2016 and used them almost once a week since. It's April 2017 as of this writing, and now I'm finally considering a replacement due to the right-hand glove's wrist strap Velcro tearing apart. The right-hand glove's palm's latex worn down to the mesh lining (about a size of a quarter) but considering that I've used them for over a year, I'd say these gloves are pretty durable. The grip is not as great as the high-end gloves often found in Adidas or Reusch, but when you wet them prior to the game, I felt that they were sticky enough. I've tried the high-end Reusch gloves with super sticky latex. I'm not a professional keeper who needs the best pair for the game. I just want one pair that can last me long enough that I don't have to keep spending my money. My $120 pair of Reusch gloves fell apart after one dive during my third game. Needless to say, I returned them. Overall, very happy with the purchase and I'm considering replacing them with another pair.

3 out of 5
By Mitchell on January 2017

I didn't really like the feel of the palm but the gloves seemed well made, just a little different than the ones I usually use. Returned and Keeperstop refunded me upon receipt along with the shipping. Makes me want to order again to try gloves you can't always get at local stores as they only carry the nike, adidas and reusch. Thanks Keeperstop!

5 out of 5
By Miguel on September 2016

Great service and of all these are excellent quality for goalkeepers that play mostly in turf.

4 out of 5
By Nicolas on May 2016

Ive used them for the first time on a turf field. i would pour water on them every 20 minutes or so to keep them damp. they worked great i love the tight fit. they definitely give me confidence in goal and the colors are amazing. theres no signs of wear and tear except for one little one on the middle finger. im really enjoying these

5 out of 5
By Richard on April 2016

This rating applies to first few weeks - time will tell on durability and construction stability. They are a Size 9 for my 13 yr old grandson. This is an amazingly great glove, and not only for the price. The foam thickness and quality provides great palm impact protection as well as the ever so important "stickiness." His older practice gloves (Uhlsport Eliminator Absolutgrip HN) have been worn ragged. Meanwhile he still has his game glove we got here last Sep (8 mons ago) which are still in good condition (Reusch Re:Load Supreme G2). He used the One Glove Invictus all week for practice w/out the finger protection and loved the feel, the fit, and the functioning. In fact, he wanted to use them for two weekend games and was very happy. He had a spectacular game with amazing saves on Sunday. While the gloves played a mostly coincidental role, I do believe they helped in securing the ball better than the Reusch gloves. If they hold well through the season, I am sure we will stick with these the next time. An excellent buy. Glad we waited for the restocking!

5 out of 5
By Benjamin on April 2016

Phenomenal glove. Even more phenomenal service. I received it quickly, customer service was more than helpful. I will not only come back to this website for any goalkeeper needs, but heavily recommend this website to friends who wish to purchase goalkeeper equipment. What an incredible experience.