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The One Glove Nova Throwback

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Goalkeeper Gloves
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The One Glove Nova Throwback goalkeeper glove features the Hyla hybrid cut, taking the best of the roll and flat palm cuts.  The stunning 80's themed colorway is paired with a sublimated 3D embossed punch zone. A neoprene glove body is used for extreme comfort and breathability whilst wearing the gloves.


4mm Pro white contact latex for the best grip in all weather conditions.

Finger Protection



One Glove has introduced a wonderful sublimated neoprene glove body featuring an 80's themed colorway. The Throwback showcases an embossed 3D punch zone for excellent protection and control when a punch is needed. 


The "Hyla" Hybrid Cut. This cut is a pre curved stitch-less roll finger design. The middle and ring finger feature a flat roll cut, eliminating extra stitching from the latex, this improving latex to ball contact. An exceptionally comfortable glove!


New "MidSplit" strap combines the comfort of latex straps, with additional adjustment for fans of elasticated stretch straps - the best of both worlds. The strap also features a rubber tab for easy adjustments during the game.


A wonderful game or practice glove for all goalkeepers


The white contact latex performs well in all weather conditions.

Additional Information

The Nova Throwback doffs its cap to all goalkeepers born in the 80's. The neon pinks and aqua blues give it that 80's vibe and look. Available in sizes 6 through 11. You have to own this glove if you're an 80's born goalkeeper!

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