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Tuto Maximus Elite Rollfinger

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The Tuto Maximus Elite Rollfinger features the best grip in the Tuto range with brilliant design and comfort in a non finger protection goalie glove. Offered in 2 color options Acid Shard or Blackout. Available in sizes 6,7,8,9,10 and 11.


Invictus foam - Elite 4mm all weather latex. A new compound, unique to Tuto, combines statement latex with memory foam for a responsive feel, grip and cushioning. The memory foam layer in the Invictus foam, ensures the glove molds to the goalkeepers hands. The palm features Micro Laser Etched Contact Treads, in the shape of the company logo, utilized over the contact area of the palm to increase surface area and latex conformity. The palm spreads during contact with the ball, increasing the surface area percentage. This etching also offers improved grip during wet weather acting like tire treads on your car tires.

Finger Protection

No finger protection in this Tuto goalie glove


Bio Fit - By using a combination of details, Tuto have minimized any negative space in the glove to mimic natural hand motion and reduce finger slippage. Articulated flex grooves heat embossed in to the backhand and thumb for additional dexterity.
Command Zone - Graduated silicon print builds toward a rubber direct injection punch zone for additional control on the backhand. This adds support and function without restricting fit. 


The Roll Finger Cut uses Biomimietic gecko palm shape, which mimics a gecko's foot and offers the largest possible contact patch on the ball.


Elite Neoprene bandage for breathability and comfort. There is a neoprene strect insert on the bandage to provide improved closure. The strap is secured with several velcro fasteners. The latex is spared any contact with the velcro (when putting gloves on or taking them off) with a large pull loop for ease of entry.


Elite level game glove for advanced goalkeepers. This is one of the best non finger protection goalie gloves available.


All weather latex. This unique latex offers superb grip in all conditions.

Additional Information

Color Options: 

Acid Shard Green/Black (Green Black)
Blackout/Tuto Red

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