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Uhlsport Supergrip Bionik+ Goalkeeper Glove

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Goalkeeper Gloves
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The best balance of grip and protection in the goalkeeper market. Professional goalkeepers wear this goalie glove to give them an advantage over the striker. Patented finger spines are flexible yet sturdy and provide excellent protection from injury. The supergrip latex will offer outstanding grip in all weather conditions


Innovative Uhlsport SUPERGRIP palm for the best game grip and balance of durability for the advanced goalkeeper. The black particles you see in the fluorescent yellow latex are "High Grip Elements".

Finger Protection

The Uhlsport Bionik+ goalkeeper gloves patented finger protection technology offers advanced stabilization of the fingers and thumb as well as outstanding distribution of the impact forces without limiting the flexibility. The + (plus) refers to the additional finger support placed in the thumbs. Inspired by the best structural engineer of all time Mother Nature the BIONIKFRAME is designed to mimic and enhance the natural arrangement and operation of the musculature of the human hand. The result is stable, flexible, lightweight. Bionik frame finger save technology is a close imitation of the human hand and finger tendons. The Uhlsport is for keepers that require support but find the plastic finger stays found in other manufacturers to be too rigid and hard to close. 


Comfortable neoprene glove body for best breathability and wearing comfort with a 3D-embossed latex. The backhand also features  a 3D-embossed SCHOCKZONE element with high rebound foam for optimised punching performance and cushioning. 


Classic cut with new 360° wrap grants a maximised catching area and perfect fit. The 12° angle on the wrist supports the ergonomical hand position for perfect catching performance.


A full neoprene bandage for best wrist fixation and wrap around latex strap with rubber pull tab.


Professional game glove for any goalkeeper looking to take their game to the next level


All weather latex with increased durability in a game goalkeeper glove.

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Available in sizes 8, 9, 10 and 11 for a limited time

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