A high ball session for soccer goalies focusing on footwork, the drop step, and catching techniques.  The goalkeepers used in the video ranged from 13 - 17 years old. The goalkeeper training session begins with footwork through hurdles to increase the goalkeepers footwork with varying services to warm up the feet and handling. The “Box” drill is designed to take the goal keepers decision making and footwork to the next level.  The goalkeeper must be patient and ready to react to the varying services. To have more success the soccer goalie must react to the service rather than guess to for the service in front or behind the goalkeeper. Really anyone can be the server or the goalkeeper coach.  A mom, dad, sibling, or teammate can serve.  More advanced goalkeepers will need harder services to sharpen decision making and quickness.  The popular goalkeeper camp drill Back To The Bar drill emphasizes the importance of the drop step, footwork, attacking the ball at the goalkeeper’s heighiest point, as well as using the top hand to guide the ball up and over the cross bar.  Truly the best way for a soccer goalie to become proficient at crosses and high balls is to start simple and build.  Start with no pressure and add attackers and defenders. Utilize fun goalkeeper drills to focus on patience and the proper ready position as well as reinforce a quick decision making.  Always practice soccer goalie communication.  Be loud and proud with your Keeper call.

You can watch the Video Session by clicking HERE!