Choosing the correct cut of a goalkeeper glove is very important. The right cut helps determine the amount of room in the fingers and backhand adding to the overall comfort and control of the goalkeeper glove. Goalkeepers with wide or slender hands will require different cuts.  The basic goalie glove cuts are flat palm, roll finger, negative cut with potential hybrid variations.

Flat Palm:

Flat palm cut for goalkeepers with a wider hand. Flat palm gloves will have stitching on the outside edges of the palm providing the widest finger pad for the save. The Backhand pattern will also have visible stitching and material. Flat palms traditionally give the widest room in the wrist closure; overall width and body of the glove; and finger tip area.  Not all Flat cuts are super wide. Reusch and Uhlsport use flat cuts as the base but add features to shape their goalie glove to be more ergonomic. A flat palm glove that fits correctly will not have extra material making the fit sloppy.

Examples Used: Uhlsport Eliminator Supersoft Bionik and Uhlsport Supersoft

Reusch Reusch Prisma Supreme G3 Fusion Ortho Tec - Dual Rolled Expanse Cut ESS
Uhlsport Tensiongreen Supergrip  -  Flat palm with negative cut features in the gussets and backhand.
The One Glove GEO Blade Goalkeeper Gloves – Flat with roll pointer and picky fingers.

Roll Finger:
Roll finger gloves can offer more latex to ball contact based on the shape of the glove for the right goalkeeper.  In a roll finger goalkeeper glove the palm latex is stitched up at the backhand creating the roll feature.  If the whole the finger is a roll the goalie glove will have seams at the base of the middle and index finger.  No matter which way the save twists and turn the latex the goalkeeper will have latex on the ball.  

Elite Sport Black Real
Tuto Maximus Elite Rollfinger 

Tighter Roll 
Uhlsport Eliminator Speed Up Absolutgrip Finger Surround – Roll Negative
Reusch Prisma Pro G3 Evolution and The One Glove Nova Type 2 Shadow – Roll Flat Hybrid

Negative Cut:

This cut is ideal for goalkeepers with slender hands, or goalkeepers who prefer a tighter fitting glove. Negative Cut goalkeeper gloves are the tightest of all the cuts. The cut is characterized by having the palm and backhand seam stitched inside pulling the material closer to the hand creating a noticeably tighter feel.  If the glove is stitched correctly you will not feel the stitching on the inside.  Adidas refers to their negative cut as being a seamless touch.  

Adidas Ace Classic Pro Goalkeeper Gloves
Elite Sport BP Glove
The One Glove GEO Tempest Goalkeeper Glove

Uhlsport Aquagrip HN – Half Negative
Elite Sport Elite Supreme Glove – Roll Negative

Choosing the best goalkeeper glove is very subjective.  There are many decisions that go into it and the cut is very important when refining your search.  When a goalie glove fits a goalkeeper correctly it will last longer and be more comfortable.  

Questions To Ask Yourself:

Is my palm wide, fingers thick, with a big wrist and forearm?   

Do I have long fingers and Narrow palm?

Then contact with any questions regarding sizing and fit.