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Goalkeeper fitness is a critical component of goalie training. Working for an allotted period of time will increase a goalkeeper’s fitness to control their body and the ball intelligently.  What ever the amount of service or time the goalkeeper has to maintain focus and close to technical proficiency.  Goalkeeper fitness could give you the quickness and desire to get up quickly after a great first diving save or breakaway to get up and tip the second shot over the bar like goalkeeper Tim Howard.
Todd Hoffard is currently the goalkeeper coach of the United States girls U14 national team and coordinates The US Soccer Training Centers for Eastern PA.  He is also the owner One on One Soccer and the author of “ The Goalkeeper Handbook, Complete Session Plans to Take to the Training Field “.  Todd was the Goalkeeper Coach for the Red Bulls for the 2011 and 2012 seasons.  The complete book of soccer goalie drills are from Todd’s time as a professional and his experience as a goalkeeper coach at the  college, professional, and national team level.
The PDF has 8 includes 8 goalie fitness drills.