What Are The Characteristics Of A Starting Goalkeeper, Lloyd Yaxley Orlando Pride Goalkeeper Coach

Decision Making, Distribution, Crosses, and Leadership


The most important characteristic to Coach Yaxley when scouting female college goalkeepers for the next level or evaluating the Orlando Pride goalkeepers is making the correct decision and employing the correct technique.  Example could be the starting position of a goalkeeper and the technique employed on a breakaway such as spread, block, or hands.  

Orlando as most professional women’s teams like to play out of the back.  Coach’s goalkeepers must be comfortable distributing short, medium, and long range from the ground or on a volley. Distribution is such an important part of the game that coach incorporates some aspect of distribution in every training session whether it be a diving session or building out of the back in a high press.  Could be as simple as a one touch pass to a volley warm up or more complex session with distribution from the feet.

Presence in the box! Is the goalkeeper commanding in the box? Can she claim a cross cleanly or punch when necessary or is it always an away call.

The personality of the starting goalkeeper must be confident.  Believe in themselves. Have leadership qualities that include inspiring others on and off the field.  Lead by example. Encourage and demand when necessary the work or adjustment needed to perform at the highest level.

All of the above starts with loving the game, loving yourself, commitment, and a strong technical foundation.

Video and article from interviews and conversations with coach Lloyd Yaxley at the International Goalkeeper Coaches Conference 2018. Orlando Pride is a professional womens team playing in the NWSL.