My Thoughts before every training session from youth to national teams:

“Give my personal best attention regardless of their level” 

“Try to teach that success is doing the best you can with the tools you have and accepting the results.”

This helps motivate me and inspire my players....

My life and passion is soccer.  I have been fortunate to have worked on four different continents.  From youth to world class players of all levels and genders. I was blessed to be surrounded by people who had faith, confidence and who gave me the courage to pursue by dreams; people who gave me opportunities to learn and grow and who shared with me their wisdom and knowledge.  My tribute to them and the game is to share these experiences and philosophies with others with honor, humility and dignity.

My mission is to provide a process for success for developing soccer players and coaches. My goal is to integrate and respect individual differences and commonalities. My conviction is to foster human growth and development and provide the positive energy to impact their future.  We can celebrate the unique aspect of every individual while creating a nourishing environment.  My ultimate goal is to unlock the magic and potential of every player and coach I am fortunate to touch.

Give my personal best attention regardless of their level. I believe all players should have the opportunity to realize their dreams and aspirations.

Try to teach that success is doing the best you can with the tools you have and accepting the results. I believe everyday is the World Cup!

My desire for every soccer player is to achieve their maximum potential while having fun and being challenged every step of the way.

I teach with passion, heart and soul with the hopes of players coming alive and falling in love with the game.  I try to always deliver a high standard of excellence.

What I have chosen to do as a career is an awesome responsibility.  It’s my personal approach that creates the climate and I choose to be a tool of inspiration.

Yours is Soccer,

Dan Gaspar
Star Goalkeeper Academy Founder

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