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The ultimate goal of any young goalkeeper and player is to play for his/her national team and represent their country. But, what gets us there? Of course a youth goalkeeper has to be technically gifted with handling, diving, crosses, distribution, and communication. It is not about looking the part with the best goalkeeper glove and the newest goalkeeper kit or jersey; its what is on the inside. To truly be the best goalkeeper and soccer player and achieve a lot of success in the game you need a the proper ATTITUDE, strong COMMITMENT to succeed, and you must SACRIFICE. 

Courtesy of  By Glenn “Mooch” Mynerick. Myernick was Bruce Arena's assistant coach at two World Cups and the 1996 Olympics. He served as a U.S. Soccer coach twice (1992-97 and 2001-present). He coached the U.S. U-17s at the 1995 Under-17 World Championship and the U.S. U-23s in CONCACAF qualifying for the 2004 Olympics.