Before any goalkeeper training session or game it is important to warm up and activate the body and mind. Whether it is a diving session or foot work drill a goalkeeper should be using their hands and feet to problem solve and make decisions on how to control the body and ball. The GK training drills focus on catching; foot work to get the body behind the ball; and varying types of distribution.

Progression 1 - Goalkeeper Mini Ball Training to Warm up hands and foot work.


Coaching Points

  • The goalkeeper's foot work get the hands to the ball.  
  • Efficient first step to position body low or high behend the service.  
  • Bend from the knees not just from the back.  
  • Services high and low to work on visual acuity.
  • Concentrate on service since the mini ball is harder to catch and smaller.

Progression 2 - Goalkeeper drill involves a pass from the in step and the mini ball to warm up handling.  Vary the service to the hands with a mini or large ball from volley to half volley.  Goalkeepers need to see different types of services since this is what they will see during a game.  Incorporating a 1 or 2 touch base with the instep takes more coordination since involves different areas of the body.  Goalkeeper coaches and parents that use the second progression will find more success with more technically developed youth goalkeepers around the age of 12 and up. Increase the speed of the mini ball service to challenge more advanced goalkeepers.

Coaching Points

  • Quality pass back to the server.  
  • Focus on each task quickly and separately.
  • Learn to be balanced and relaxed as the mental and physical challenge of using hands and feet are introduced.

Progession 3 – Varying services and distribution with the feet and catching.  Mini ball to challenge distribution with the feet while the hands receive a hard but controlled service.

Coaching Point

  • Ready and balanced for varying services.
  • Concentrate on the proper technique and area of the body to control and distribute the mini ball back to the server.  
  • Proper catching technique to control and absorb the regulation size ball. 1 catch, no spills, or rebounds.

Use your imagination with the goalkeeper drills.  Vary the types of services, number of servers, location of the services and distribution, as well as speed to challenge the goalkeeper to control their body and the ball.

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